Saturday, January 7, 2012

Popplewood 4-H 1st Annual Ice Fishing Tournament at Pike Lake Resort


We had a fun day today.  Our 4-H group sponsored an ice fishing tournament.  We invited other 4-H clubs from Marathon County to join us.  Pike Lake Resort donated their “man cave” which is right on the lake.  We had a great time, great food, learned a lot and won some great prizes (donated by Pike Lake Fishing Club).

Pike Lake is a historical stone building, built in 1929 by the Konkol family (my mother-in-law’s maiden name was Konkol).  It has recently been remodeled and is super nice.  They have an award winning chef with really good food. 




Here are some pictures of the day.  It was gorgeous in Wisconsin – sunny, 3o + degrees.


This is Caiden, he actually was catching fish as fast as he put his line back in the hole.  He and his sister won 1st place.










The ice was about 12” thick and the water was about 12’ deep where we had our holes. 


My great-nephew Silas.


My other great-nephew (in blue) Caleb.  Their team took 3rd place.



This is Carson, his dad Scott and his sister Taylor.


This is Josh (Joshiepoo) and Kolton.  Their team of took 2nd place.



Lunch in the “man cave”. 

I haven’t been “on the ice” for many years.  When I was little, I grew up within walking distance to Lake Wausau, where the Wisconsin River runs into it – near the Rothschild Paper Mill.  Once while skating on the ice, I heard a funny noise and looked down to see my skates in water, I started skating as fast as I could back to shore and when I looked back behind me, the open water was “gaining on me.”  I was really scared and so, I don’t really like to walk on ice. 

However, when you see trucks and such on ice…it’s probably safe.…I did today and had a lot of FUN.

Blessings from Wisconsin.



TexWisGirl said...

oh, this made me a bit homesick!!! nice to see the ice fishing activity again!

First said...

I haven't been ice fishing in years. Great pictures! Is the Pike Lake Resort a new building? I can't seem to place where it is...

Faye Henry said...

Looks like so much fun... I don't think our ice is very hard here yet.. Our temps have been so weird this winter..
God bless..

Lynnie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! Now THIS looks like fun (fishing). I bet the kids had a great time. What a great memory to have laid!

Dar said...

I'm a newbie here, but will return. My niece lives in Ringle, where you pictured a fall festival. I'm up north a bit further by the Flambeau River of Price County. The ice up here is about a foot and a half and lots of slush with the warm weather. It's just enough to keep me Off the ice, having had a similar experience as you skating, only I was on a snowmobile....scary when the water is chasing you. Stop by sometime at Darsstuffings. will love to hear from you.