Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Corn Tortillas from Scratch


Making corn tortillas from scratch is really easy.  There are several steps to it, but the end result is so worth it.

Step 1:


I was lucky to find this taco press years ago.  You can do the same with a rolling pin.  The masa is very inexpensive.  The recipe is on the back, however, I use equal parts masa and water.  Mix it until it feels like play dough.  Roll mix into balls and cover with a damp paper towel.


Step 2:

Flatten the balls into rounds.  Put in dry hot pan for several minutes, flipping often – put a “crust” on the outside.








Step 3:

Heat some oil in pan, fry the “browned” tortillas until crisp.




The tortillas are done.  I then make something we call “Mexican Pizzas.”  I take the shells from this point, spread them with refried beans, top with taco meat, onions and bake in 350 oven for 10 min. or so.  I then top with cheese and bake until melted.  These are good and a family favorite. 







Extra shells can be placed in refrigerator to be reheated.  Good as shell (bottom) for taco salad.

When I am frying hamburger (we have our meat made into 2 lb pkgs.), I fry up extra and put it in freezer, so on a busy day, I can take out already fried hamburger and make tacos, sloppy joes, chili other soup. 

Blessings from Wisconsin.

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Heidi said...

These pictures made me hungry. Yummy. Thank you for sharing this yummy idea.

Candy C. said...

Jeez, I guess I should get my tortilla press out and use it more often! I think my problem has always been not getting that crust on them with the initial cooking! Thanks! :)

Michaele said...

I have tried flour (delicious) but never corn. I will have to keep my eye out for a press. They look so good!

Heidi- The White Wolf Summit FarmGirl said...

Hello again Jacky,
I am dropping by to thank you for sharing this yummy recipe over on my blog for The Country Homemaker blog hop last year. I wanted to share with you that this post was the 2nd most popular post of the year for the hop.

Thanks again.