Thursday, May 19, 2011

Broody Hens are Mamas - They Have Chicks!

A little over 3 weeks ago, my Mom was in the hospital and I was lax in collecting my eggs.  Some of the hens were broody so I let them set.  Well today they have chicks.  I did "try" to catch all the broody ones and put them in a cage with the eggs I thought were theirs...oh, they know where they are...anyway, I have 8 cages full of hens and eggs and now hens and chicks.  They are so cute.  My flock of chickens are mostly mixed banty and fancy breeds. 

I love to let my hens be mamas.  They love it too.  They are pretty good at sharing the chicks.  These two were happy together and both taking care of them.  When they get bigger and I let them out of the cages, they will run around the yard with these 2 mama hens.  Each little family know who they belong to.  It is cute to see how protective they are.  Blessings from Wisconsin.

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