Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Motivational Monday - Tie a Knot

My brother, who is my pastor, inspired me to write this post based on his Sunday school lesson.  My little post won't go into all the details his lesson had, just a few thoughts to hopefully motivate us.

Have you ever started with your day and things were going super and you said "it's going to be a good day!"  Or, maybe the opposite is true too, "ugh!  it's going to be a bad day!" We've all had both.  

A day is 24 hours, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year a total of 365 ..so many days.  Good or bad, each teaching us something as we grow and walk along in our life.  

Have you ever tried to climb a rope?  I hated that in gym class, probably because I've always been chubby and it's hard to pull my weight.  Anyway, climbing a rope is so much easier when it has a few knots for your feet to grip onto.  I would get so jealous of the kids that made it look so easy.  Now, rope climbing day, that was a bad day!  

Let's think of our life like a rope.  While climbing, when it becomes hard, if we could just remember to tie a knot, we could rest and pull ourselves up a bit more.   However, sometimes, we let the difficulty of moving forward, climbing on, overwhelm us and we fall off the rope.  I actually remember sliding down with rope with burns on my hands.  

My Motivational Monday - Tie a Knot is to remind us that when difficulty comes our way, hang on to the rope and tie a knot.  It may be a bad day, kids were late for school, boss is yelling at you, you forgot to pack your lunch....stop....tie a knot on your rope....hang on....it's only a day.   

You may think well that's an easy one.  Trust me, I've had to face days of a child battling cancer - my rope has plenty of knots!  If I didn't have knots and my not having faith that Jesus was holding the other end, I know I wouldn't be writing this blog post for you today.   

Those bad days are way down on my rope now.  However, I can look back at my rope full of knots and think....you know, I made it through all of that (with the Lord's help) and I can make through this bad day too!  

I know this sounds simple, but it is simple.  When your day offers up bad news, stop and tie a knot.  Hang on to the rope and keep climbing it.  Have faith in the One holding the end of the rope.  

Blessings from Ringle, WI 


  1. What a great post Jacky! I will remember to tie knots from now on. BTW I hated climbing that rope in gym too...I was NEVER able to do it. Janice