Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Love One Another

I believe my dreams help me solve some of my problems.  I also, believe that some of my dreams "mean" things, are for me, given by God.  I have experienced things through my dreams that have lead me to believe this.  So, when I have one of "those" dreams, I know I need to study the "why" or "what" of it.  

I had 2 vivid dreams about church and Christian friends....I can't explain them in a way that any of you would understand, because we don't have the same shared life experiences.  However, God did use mine in a relevant way for me to understand what I think these dreams meant.

You know people always say...."we need to love like Jesus."  First, there is NO WAY any of us can love like Jesus - we are human he is God.  We are his children he is our heavenly father.  I can't begin to love my friend's children like I love my own.  I love them - but, not in the wholehearted, unconditional, death do us part kind of love that I have for my girls.  I may have to get along with one of God's children here on earth, but I can't possibly love them like He does.  

Second, does this mean that I don't think we should show love one to another - of course not!  John 13:34 says. "A new commandment I give you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you love one another."   It's just over the years, we all have come in contact with people that we may...lets say...not particularly like.  Am I nice to them?  You bet, I'm nice to everyone (unless you do something to one of my kids, then I turn into a crazy woman).   Anyway, these 2 dreams came to me consecutively in an order that makes total sense to me.  If I follow Him, I am called to love one another, but my capacity to do so LIKE him is unattainable.  

I was listening to the radio, I like all kinds of music and I listen with an open mind....some of the most beautiful lyrics are in metal...just saying....so, Five Finger Death Punch has a song - "Wrong Side of Heaven" - I've heard many times before and the video brings me to tears.  One of the lines is "I'm on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell."  Have you ever felt like this?  Maybe not quite fitting in with "Christians" but "too good for the sinners?"  Welcome to my world!  

But, you don't need to love me like Jesus does.  You never could!   Neither can I do the same for you.  These dreams have put my ability to see others as His children - spoiled brats at times, but I don't need to discipline them, that's His job.  He is your heavenly father and loves you, loves me - His ability to do so is mind boggling to me.  I can't stand to be around some people, but he loves them!  I have a new appreciation to that and I am so thankful.

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