Friday, August 4, 2017

Alter Bridge Meet and Greet

So, I love rock ballads - my favorite!  The lead singer of Alter Bridge is Myles Kennedy.  For those that don't know, he sings with Slash of Guns N Roses.  Anyway, here is a youtube video of a song he did last night -

We were were given the back stage meet and greet from our friend, thanks Mia.

Wausau, Wisconsin isn't up on "who is who" I swear!  This was one of the best shows I've been to in over 30 years of going to the fair.  We had reserved seating and people around us were from all over - some said they would have paid $100 for their seats and another drove 4 hours one way!  

When I met them, I told Myles that his voice was truly a God given gift...I made sure to repeat...God given...and pecked him on the arm...LOL...he nodded and smiled and said "thank you."  (If you've received an 'arm peck' from me, you know I mean business - smile).

I believe in something called the Illuminati (go google it, it's real) anyway, most Christians feel rock of of the devil.  I see it at times too, but, this man has a voice!  I will ALWAYS love, love rock ballads.  I listen to all lyrics with caution, see bands, their signs and such for who they are and I listen with that knowledge.  

Al is beginning to see it too...he loves all metal...he about fell over when I told him who "Mr. Crowley"- an Ozzy song - was.  After googling the lyrics for him - you know Ozzy...hard to understand at times - he was like...NO!!!  Ozzy is one of his favorites.  Then we looked up another band he likes, Ghost and their lyrics....oh boy!!!

Anyway, Alter Bridge was an awesome concert!  The members were super nice, very fan oriented and I think enjoyed playing for smaller crowd of "real" fans.  One funny thing Myles said was, "is it true Ted Nugent is going to be here tomorrow night?"  When the crowd shouted yes, he said "that's it...I'm staying!  I learned all my swear words from listening to Ted...I won't repeat them as there are small children in the crowd."  What class!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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