Tuesday, May 6, 2014

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - Orientation Day

Our youngest, Anna,  is going to marry Jon in August.  

Jon is in the Architecture, Urban Planning program at UWM.  Anna will be transferring there to complete her major, which is Community Engagement and Education with a sub-major in Community Based Organizations and Leadership.  Yesterday was transfer and adult student orientation day. 

Jon took us up to his "studio" work space and showed us the projects he worked on this year.  I really enjoyed it.  He is very talented.  I know God has big plans for him, even if it takes our "baby" to a big city - maybe even bigger than Milwaukee....some day.   

We went past the building that they hope to get an apartment in.  The best part, I could actually figure out how to find it - as it is close to a Goodwill!  My internal GPS finds all thrift shops.  

Many people have told Anna that "you will hate Milwaukee" or "why would you want to live down there?"  Anna has always been a "busy" kid.  We wouldn't even finish one thing we were doing, without her saying "what are we doing next?"  We would be eating lunch and she would say "what's for supper?"  "What are we doing tomorrow?"  I would always reply, "can't we make it through today first."  Anna will thrive in this excitement.  She loves adventure - something going on all the time.  She will be fine - as long as her "red head" doesn't get to0 sassy!  

I actually really like the area the university and apartment is in.  I don't even mind driving through the "rougher" area to get there.  I don't let prejudices stop me from doing things.  People will treat you as good or bad as you treat them - true!  I know I have a "gift" of talking to anyone.  I'm so happy I do, I love that part of my personality.  I know it can be embarrassing to people I am with at times - but, they have benefited from my openness too.  

This past fall, Justine, Anna and I went down to Milwaukee for the day to take their engagement pictures.  While we were waiting for Jon's classes to end, we drove around all sections of the city.  I know that Milwaukee has been noted as one of the most segregated cities - not something to brag about.  I'm glad I don't know the boundaries of the neighborhoods - I don't even want to know.  I can't wait to go back to the neighborhood with the Mexican food trucks - I'm stopping and getting some "real" Mexican food!  I can't wait to go back on Capital Drive and eat at the Popeyes Chicken.  I especially can't wait to hit the upper east side estate sales - even I can see the "money" walking around there.   But, most importantly I am excited for the adventure that waits Jon and Anna.  Yes, they are young.  Yes, life will be hard.  Yes, juggling school, newlywed life and jobs will be hard.  I will just keep praying for His hand in their lives.  

Mama's letting go isn't easy!  When you have faith in Him and His plans, it is easier!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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