Monday, February 24, 2014

Motivation Monday - Thank a Mentor

Good Samaritan Apostolic Church 

This picture was taken yesterday at church.  It was my brother Frank's birthday, these are the children in our Sunday school.  

I haven't posted much about this, but...I'm a Sunday school teacher.  Beginning in January, we divided the kids into 2 classes.  I am working with the older group.  I never taught Sunday school before.  I've been to plenty of Sunday school classes, which leads to my post today.  

As I prepare for each Sunday, I can't help but think of the teachers I had over the years.  Growing up in my church, we call all of the adults "brother and sister _____"  as we all are brothers and sisters in the Lord.  So, my mentors, those teachers that I think of are:  Sister Short, Sister Jacks and Brother and Sister Oelke.  Thank you for your act of service to the ministry that lead me in my walk with the Lord.   I may never had thought of thanking you for that.  Now that I am teaching and realize the preparation that goes into trying to think of something to inspire my class, I can appreciate what you did.  I pray that I can be a fraction of the example you all have shown me.  

Followers, if you know someone who has made a difference in your life - thank them and let them know you appreciate them.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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