Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thrifty Thursday - Henrietta Hen

For this edition of "Thrifty Thursday" I am going to feature this Goodwill find - Henrietta Hen.  

One of the many things I collect is chickens.  I have a kitchen full of chicken related items.  Not to mention a yard and chicken coop full of live ones.

On a recent trip to Goodwill, my daughter Anna found this appliance.   I love buying gadgets and appliances from thrift stores.  This was marked $4.99 with a blue tag.  The blue tags were 1/2 off this day so I paid $2.49 (plus tax).   Most thrift shops have an outlet to try the appliances before you buy to make sure that they work.

We brought it home and have been making eggs in this several times a week.  It works SUPER!  

You can still buy this on Amazon - but, it is $29.99.  We saved $27.  

You can poach or make boiled eggs.  The bottom of the appliance has different levels that are marked where to fill with the water for what type of egg you are making.  I do add more water for poaching during the cooking time,  depending on the softness I want for the yolk.  When Henrietta is done, she will chirp.  

I spray the egg tray when making poached eggs.  The little "needle" on the boiled egg tray is important - you poke a hole in each egg before you put the raw egg in the tray.  This prevents the egg from exploding while cooking.  

Not only a useful tool - but, it's cute!  In just minutes - you can have a breakfast like this...

So, I challenge you on this "Thrifty Thursday" to go out to the thrift shops and give new life to some old appliance.  Saving money and reusing items is the key to thrifty.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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