Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Easy Crock Pot Pea & Bean Soup

This is something anyone can make.  It is one of those "fix it and forget it" meals.  Very inexpensive!

I started out with some veggies from my garden - carrots, potato and onion.  

I always have on hand this antique jar filled with different types of dry peas and beans:  lentils, red and white beans, yellow and green peas, black eye peas, etc. - watch for sales on these items.  You can get a whole bag for $1 or less.  I just buy several and mix them in my jar.  This will last months and cost you pennies per serving.

Those are pork hocks - from a pig I knew - home raised.

Dice up, add some garlic and put all of this in the crock pot.  Put in 1 - 5 ratio of bean/pea to water (1 cup beans to 5 cups water).  Salt and pepper.  You can add whatever herb or spices you like.  Al likes things more plain.  You could even use chicken or vegetable stock for the water.  

Cook on low/medium all day - that's it.  I was gone today, so I wasn't home to check the water level - you need to check on that - just add enough liquid to your liking.  

Super easy, fall apart tender and really good!  Enjoy

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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