Thursday, November 8, 2012

Do You Barter?

Do you barter?  In case you didn't know, barter is the exchange of goods or services for other goods and services without using money.  Bartering is a mutual benefit that enables those who are lacking hard currency to obtain goods and services. 

When I was little, my friends and I use to barter all the time.  We didn't know that is what we were doing.  "I'll trade you this for that."  I'm sure we all have done this as kids. 

However, I have made a practice of doing this.  When I first moved out to the country many years ago, I was approached by my neighbor, Gail to barter something.  At first, I will admit, I thought she was cheap.  I now have come to actually enjoy doing this. 

This past Summer, we bartered 4 wagons of hay for a "fair raised" hog (one that didn't make weight).  We had too much hay for our barn - and now we have pork in our freezer - for nothing more than our gas and time. 

I am working on the next barter - a heifer.  My friend has an angus farm and when they go to shows my girls use to work for her.  Now that they are older, and she has a hard time finding help during the school year, I do them.  I have traded her my working the chores for the heifer.  I would normally take a steer, but her bulls are really nice this year and worth more than the heifers.  We will still raise her with intentions of butchering. 

I was thinking about the state of our country's economy.  I know times are tough for many.  I would much rather have those in need and healthy enough to do so, barter for benefits.  I do that, so I'm not asking for more than what I do or am willing to do. 

The work ethic in America is on the decline - for real!  I'm all for a movement of  "Barter for Benefits".  Anyone else with me? 

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin!
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