Sunday, June 17, 2012

Popplewood 4-H Summer Adventure Sports Activity

This is the 3rd summer our club hosted an adventure sports activity.  We are blessed to have this wonderful facility available to us - thanks to a donation from Wittenberg Hunting Club.  We hold this at the Wittenberg School Forest on Hwy 45 just north of Birnamwood. 

We had 2 conservation teachers who came to teach us about archery (shooting sports) and trapping.  We split the kids into 3 groups and rotated.   Anna and I did craft projects.

The girls were pretty good...

Two of the boys here already trap.  I didn't know anything about trapping and I actually learned a lot. 

I had no idea how to set a I do.  Mr. Miller is the conservation teacher at D.C. Everest.  I asked him how much some pelts were worth.  He said that a gentlemen in the Pike Lake area, recently sold his muskrat pelts for an unheard of price (really high) of $12 per pelt.  He said the fur industry is strong in Russia and that they buy many pelts from thanks Russia!  This isn't a venue for nay sayers about the fur industry, please...the fact is that some critters are plentiful here, market is high and it is an extra way to make money.  I know one of the boys will sell his pelts and save for college.

Anna did a macrame' project and I did a faux agate pendant project.  I saw this faux agate idea on the Martha Stewart show.  Both projects fit in with our nature sports craft ideas.

To make the faux stone, you use Sculpy Clay.  Freeze a white and contrasting tan clay.  Grate the tan on the small side and the white on a large one. 

Once the 2 colors are mixed, roll the ball into a cylinder or tube shape.  Then you pick your other colors of the stone's interior.   Roll them out between 2 pieces of wax paper so that the clay will roll around the cylinder one time.  Do this as many times as you want layers.  End with a black or brown for the exterior side of the rock.

Once you have your layers, cut off a slab of the tube.  Roll this flat to about about 1/8" or so... don't forget to use a straw to make a hole for the pendant.   Bake in 275 oven for 15 - 20 minutes.  After they are cooled, spray with polyurethane to give it the polished look of a stone.

The day was fun and educational.  Which is what 4-H is all about. 

Blessings from Wisconsin.
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