Saturday, June 2, 2012

Egg Sucking Skunk!

Clue #1 - smells like a skunk near chicken coop

Clue #2 - cat food dish in barn always empty

Clue #3 - missing chickens

Clue #4 - finding dead chickens without a head.  Skunks will only kill chickens and eat their heads - I don't know why.

We have a skunk (or should I say had)!  We set a live trap, but he was too big to get caught - just flipped the cage and ate the bait.  So, one of my 4-Hrs, Colton, borrowed us this bigger cage.  Colton gave us a good tip, skunks and raccoons love marshmallows.  It worked.

Don't let this cute little skunk fool you.  They can do a lot of damage and bring in disease to your farm yard.

My husband "took care" of him - WOW did our yard stink!  You know the saying "Windy Wisconsin" - it has been windy all week - except for today - of course. 

Blessings from Wisconsin.
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