Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Find Your Ministry

Finding a ministry....what does that mean?  Why would I want a ministry?  Where do I start?  What could I do that would make an impact for Jesus?

For years, I have fulfilled my desire to "be used" by volunteering at school and through 4-H.  My ministry has been being the best mom I could be.  Now that my girls are young adults and my roles are changing...I've wanted to find a new ministry.

I really like what Faye at The Blessed Hearth http://theblessedhearth.blogspot.com/ does.  She has a Keepers of the Home ministry.  Taken right from scripture about the older women teaching the younger.   They meet and she shares with them "how to" do things that are really almost a lost art.  Cooking, canning, crafts and advice (from scripture) are all apart of the day.  They usually eat too and leave with a project.  Almost like a 4-H meeting for adults.  I wish she lived closer (she is in Canada) so I could go too.

I've been raised in a church with a "holiness standard."  If you want to hold a leadership position, you must adhere to this standard.  I'm not knocking it...every organization has a standard or code of ethics leaders must follow.  However, because I choose not to follow or fail in an outward display of this standard - I feel I can't be used there.

You know, God created each of us with strengths and weaknesses in our personality.  He created us with both so we can use both.  You might feel like you can't do something perfect and this is holding you back on being used....stop that!  No one is perfect and He wants to use us even with our imperfections. 

Find something you can do and enjoy doing and use that to glorify Him.  Share your faith in the process - this is really what a ministry is. 

I've been praying for a new way that I can be used.  For now, it is still 4-H and I enjoy it - but I desire more.  I want to find a way I can use my love of farm life, crafting and scripture together.  I would like to start a Keepers of Home type meeting here someday.  Thanks Faye for the inspiration!

Blessings from Wisconsin.

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