Friday, April 6, 2012

Interesting Facts about April



April – Latin word Aprillus – means “to open or opening”.  Spring month, blossoms opening, the month of rebirth and hope for future.

Flower:  Sweet Pea

Birthstone:  Diamond


“Sweet April showers, do spring May flowers”  Thomas Tusser

“April is a promise May is bound to keep”  Hal Borland

“Here cometh April again, and as far as I can se the world hath more fools than ever.”  Charles Lamb


Week 1:  Library Week

Week 2:  Garden Week

Week 3:  Organize your Files Week

Week 4:  Administrative Assistant Week

April is, National: Humor Month

                         Keep America Beautiful Month

                         Lawn & Garden Month

                         Pecan Month

                         Stress Awareness Month


Each Day of April:

1st:  April Fool’s Day

2nd:  Children’s Book Day

3rd:  Tweed Day

4th:  School Librarian Day

5th:  Go for Broke Day – “Take a Chance Day”


7th:  World Health Day

8th:  EASTER

9TH:  Middle Name Pride Day

10th:  National Siblings Day

11th:  Submarine Day

12th:  Big Wind Day

13th:  Scrabble Day – invented by Hasbro in 1938

14th:  National Pecan Day


16th:  National Stress Awareness Day

17th:  “Honey Do” List Day

18th:  International Juggler’s Day – “multi tasker’s day”

19th:  National Garlic Day

20th:  Look A Like Day

21st:  Kindergarten Day

22nd:  National Jelly Bean Day

23rd:  Lover’s Day

24th:  Pig in a Blanket Day

25th:  East Meets West Day

26th:  National Pretzel Day

27th:  Tell a Story Day

28th:  Kiss Your Mate Day

29th:  Greenery Day – “Go for a Nature Walk Day”

30th:  National Honest Day

easter card


 I hope you enjoy these facts.  Blessings from Wisconsin.

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