Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ethan: “I Love You Jesus!”


I just have to share this cute story.  We were in town on Thursday and on a very busy corner in Schofield, WI was 2 men, one dressed as a Roman soldier and the other Jesus with a huge cross.  It was really neat!  I do not know what church or organization did this but, thank you.  Apparently it causes some problems – as people were calling in complaints to the police and fire department.  One of the ladies who work at the fire department went to see for herself – it brought her to tears.  She called into the local Christian station 89Q to say “thanks” to whomever did that and brought to attention the real meaning of Easter. 

I was telling my brother about this.  He said his daughter, my niece and great nephews also drove by this.  The windows were open and when her middle son, Ethan, saw Jesus, he yelled out…”Jesus I Love You!”  The man yelled back “I love you too.”  Isn’t that neat.  I don’t know if Ethan really thought that was Jesus – you never know what little kids are thinking.  He knows Jesus is alive and real – so, you never know. 

Can you believe people complained….it wasn’t but a few months ago when at that same corner there were Scott Walker protesters… one complained about them.  Well, probably because they were too afraid to!  We still live in America and have our freedoms….at least I thought so…


Jesus I Love You!  Blessings from Wisconsin!

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