Monday, December 6, 2010

Blog #1

Hi and welcome to my blog.  My real name is Jacky, however, my nick name is Dicky Bird.  One time I was lost in a store - Arlens (now Eastbay) a lady took me to the service counter and they asked me my name.  I told them Dicky Bird, they questioned me - but, it was the only name I knew.  So, they announced that there was a "lost Dicky Bird up at the service counter, would someone come up and claim her".  After that, my Mom told me that my real name is Jacky - this was helpful once school started.  My family still calls me Dicky Bird.  My Dad told me that when I was born, the president's wife was "Lady Bird Johnson" and if Lady Bird was a good enough name for her then Dicky Bird was for me.  I later was told by my Grandma Kincaid that a Dicky Bird is a little bird found in Kentucky.  It is known to "chirp" alot - kinda like me.  As unusual as that name is, one time we were at a rummage sale up in Crandon, and someone was calling "Dicky Bird, where are you" and I said here I am.  To my suprise, they were looking for another Dicky Bird.  Crandon was settled by "loggers" people who work in the woods.  Most of them have roots in Kentucky.  So, I really wonder, how many others have that nick name?   
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