Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beautiful Wisconsin Winter Morning!

It is cold here in north central Wisconsin, but beautiful!  We don't really have any snow yet, however, it is on its way later this week - yay!  I would much rather have snow and lots of it...than the frigid cold!  Winter on a  hobby farm can be challenging!  We have plenty of water to carry out to our animals.  We do have another well outside, but in the winter it is really hard to keep it going.  You need to prime it and such.  Al  will do this for the cows and fill an old claw foot bathtub that we keep heated.   Everyday we carry out at least 50 gallons of water in pails for the rest of the animals.  Right now, I have alot of chickens.  I let my hens set on eggs all summer - they are "free range" and  have nests of eggs everywhere.  All summer long we have chicks - I love it!  Well, right now we have too many roosters for one chicken coop.  Al will have to get out the chicken plucker.  Sometimes, I give the roosters away.  In Marathon county, we have a large population of Hmong immagrants.  One time I called the Hmong Association and asked if anyone would like free chickens.  The girl said yes, but could you deliver them to a certain address....not at the office.  So I made my way to Wausau with about 7 roosters.  When I arrived at the house, there were about 20 cars there....I didn't have enough roosters.  I know some people have issues about the Hmong in our area.  I know the government had their hands in all of this - and whatever the government has their hands in usually gets messed up.  However, I have set up next to Hmong families at the farmer's market, I've seen their gardens, based on work ethic and committment to their  family - they put many of the rest to shame! 
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