Monday, December 10, 2018

Motivational Monday - My 5 Step Program for Procratinating Pack Rats

I won't lie, I do come from a long line of procrastinating pack rats.  I grew up, was mentored under the "quick find it so we can do it/fix it/use it" rule.  My mom was this way more than my dad.  However, I feel a combination of their habits are the basis for how I do the things the way I do today.  

I don't feel cheated or mistreated, to the contrary.  These were good intentions from overly creative individuals whom instilled these habitual traits within me.  Now, don't get me wrong, we were and are extremely successful in the things we do.  I think the "I work well under pressure" adrenaline rush is all the motivation we need to continue to "do this to ourselves."   I'm just looking for a new "rush" (wink,wink).

What inspired this post today, is something I've been thinking on for some time.  It will tie in nicely when I reveal my 2019 Word of the Year.  I will share more on that soon, but until then I will "strive" (2018 word) to do more "soul searching" for that post.  

The other day, I was shuffling, packing, hiding a room full of clutter to unearth our unused piano that I gave away to a friend.  I received a message from another friend, whom I was also looking for a pattern we were going to share that she was ready for and I hadn't even made it yet (quick find it so we can do it).  I jokingly said "I need a 12 step program for procrastinating pack rats (hoarders)."  Did you know it's a thing?  There are all kinds of 12 step programs, I googled it.  So, this is where I am at today in this Motivational Monday post:

My 5 Step Program for Procrastinating Pack Rats.

Step 1:  ADMIT it, "yes, I am a procrastinating pack rat!"  It's not that hard, once you see that your mess has become unmanageable.  Have you missed deadlines, made your spouse mad, lost checkbooks, have a project you were going to do for one of your children and now it will have to be for a future grandchild?  These are the things that you need to admit.  

Step 2:  BELIEVE that YOU can restore your sanity - it's within you to create this mess and you can also clean it up.   I rely on Jesus to help me in all aspects of my life - in procrastination the most..."help me Lord to get this done"...He has and will continue to, I would rather not be such a "needy" child. 

Step 3:  DECIDE to change.  You need to see that these things, this type of behavior is hindering your happiness and productivity.  Is it worth it?  Do you need it?  Is that item, more important than a relationship with a loved one?  Do I need to take warm, unset, wet choose....item to that event?  Do I really like running to the store to buy one more pair of scissors not to mention another hot glue gun 30 minutes before a 4H meeting?  I mean, I could go on....

Step 4:  Make a PLAN.   Most procrastinators are organized and create lists.  We have to, to remember what we are supposed to do.  It's true!  I right now have a notebook with each day between now and Christmas and the to do's for those days on it.  If I can do that, I surely can make a PLAN to work on me, my emotional, spiritual and mental health.  This behavior is a "sickness" - it is!  I have made it to this step today.  Step 4 is where I'm at.  My 2019 word will also be a declaration for me.  

Step 5:  Be DILIGENT and aware of your changes.  Yes, it's fun to go to an auction and buy a whole row of stuff for $5, but how is that going to help me?  I could make $50 on it...but, where am I going to put it?  These thoughts have helped me reach this point today in my post.  Auctions I've managed, it's the..."can you come and look at a ____ full of stuff?"  That....and then meeting the person....becoming friends with a complete stranger....making their personal possessions my prized where I struggle.  Also, I pay too much and often times my profits are low in relation to the amount of work involved.  

So these are my 5 steps.  I can see where I could add to them.  However, that is for another post and part of my plan for next year.  I would love to clean out my studio and class room (here is a picture of when it was clean)

to look like this again.  You can't squeeze another item in the door, it truthfully is that bad and shameful.  I won't share that picture yet, I may for a before and after post.  

I would love to host things here again.  Who knows, maybe even a "like minded ladies" group.  Where we would share tips similar to my 5 here and others.   You know like "the finer things club" on the Office.  I have a dozen or so others as well including a "boot camp."  Till then, I will keep shuffling my mess so I can put up our tree (s).  My plan is to bring out decorations that I have been too overwhelmed to bring out for years.  I want to go through those to and let our daughter's pick out their favorites for their homes.

So, know these 5 steps could apply to several other issues.  I hope you can glean something from this that you find helpful.  Maybe you could share with us your tips.  I'd love that!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

  1. (I can't figure out how to get rid of, it's on here...LOL)


  1. I certainly recognise some of myself in your post! My problem is books and craft supplies. Even today when I went to the $ shop for a couple of items I picked up 2 books. Yes, I know they were only a dollar, but I'm honestly not sure where I will put them!!

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Yes, craft supplies are most of my issue! Especially wool!

  2. I would be interested to know how the 5 Steps work out for you. I need a little help myself. I'm happy that the quilting bits are able to lie waiting patiently for as long as they do in my house. Good luck with getting out all the things you have squirreled away and who's moment has arrived.

    1. Thanks, most of the squirreled items also 1/2 done...another

  3. Well I made it to Step One.LOL Hopefully Step Two will happen on my vacation. Double LOL Janice

    1. That's the most imortant one! Good job! As organized as you seem and as clean as your house look it won't take you as long as some of the rest of us...LOL