Friday, October 28, 2016

The Story of Glen Coe - Highlands of Scotland

The story of the Clan MacDonald and the notorious Campbell Massacre hit a cord with me.   What happened in this valley, the story behind it, is one of tragedy.  I found an interesting article that explains the whole history, I am sharing it here for those who want to read it:

As we approached the valley, Regina played this song...

I will share my interpretation of this story.  I am not qualified to speak historically, however, I will share emotionally.  This massacre reminded me of how Native Americans were treated - my paternal heritage.  It also touched me because I know my maternal heritage has roots in this land and history.

My grandpa Kincaid was Scotch/Irish.  His family immigrated to the hills of Kentucky.  I have vivid memories of his "arguing" politics, he loved our country, but didn't trust the government or the Pope.  As a child, I didn't understand why, but, after this trip I have my guesses.   

I come from a line of very independent people - from both sides.  Therefore,  I find myself sympathetic to the underdog, the rebel and independent thinker.  So, this story is retold by me with that perspective.  Here goes....

The Clan MacDonald was the last clan to pledge an alliance and loyalty with the King.  An order was given, that by a certain date, every Highlander was to pledge an alliance.  The senior member of the clan left his family, set out to do this very thing.  But, he fell upon some difficulties and was unable to reach the given city by the deadline.  He was 3 days late.  However, he was assured it was all fine and no action would be taken against his family.  Unfortunately, this turned out to be an untruth.  The King wanted to set an example of their lack of enthusiasm of his rule by ordering the Campbell's to kill every last one of the Clan MacDonald.  The Campbell's arrived in the winter at Glen Coe and the MacDonald's extended them all manner of hospitality.  After a few weeks of their indulgences, the Campbell's set out on King's order to massacre every last MacDonald.  Many were killed in their beds.  Many fled to hide and their homes were burned.  The weather was bad and with no shelter they died in the snow.   

I know every generation and every country has their own mistakes.  It's just sad that these things happened and sadly continue to happen (ISIS).  There will always be someone or something that wants to be in control, it's true.  I can't change that and neither can you.  What we can do, is BE the change in our own little world - wherever that might be.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.      

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