Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Haberdashery, happens to be my new favorite word.  My nephew sent me this - now just image the word being spoken by Sean his Scottish accent...

Maybe you've heard of this where you live, but I can assure you, here in Wisconsin, I had not.  My friend, Kathy, collects buttons and she asked me to pick her up one from Scotland.  So, I asked Anna, our family tour guide, to look up button shops in Glasgow.  She called me and said "mom, they call buttons and sewing notions 'hab something'."  So, this lead to our search for a Haberdashery shop.  

Oh, how I wanted to buy yardage.  The wool was incredible and reasonable!  It was hard for me NOT to buy, but I am going to check the shop for on-line purchases.  On to my story....

Since returning, I've researched the history of Haberdashery.  The word is believed to come from the Anglo-Norman word, hapertas, which means small wares.  The word "haberdasher" did appear in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales to describe peddlers who sold such items as needles, buttons and so on.  This dates back to the 14th century and could be equivalent of a "Medieval Five & Dime" store.   (I borrowed that one, I'm not that clever).  I love it!

We discovered this little shop on a stop in Ireland.  I love the addition of "& Vintage Gifts."  It is the vision and direction I had when I started the Hobby Farm here at the farm.  

In fact, here is a post from my facebook page back on July 22, 2015:  Plans are to have a retail space available hopefully by the upcoming semester. At every class, I am asked to sell additional supplies and I have. Now, I plan to have a retail area where you can purchase new and vintage items for your crafting pleasure. Vintage fabric, notions, wool, roving, buttons, ephemera and lots of misc. for repurposing.

Truthfully, I've been a "haberdasher" for years.  When you buy out estates there are always these types of items and I've sold them.  Now, it just seems sexier...especially in Sean Connery's say, "I'm a haberdasher, come visit my haberdashery!" 

I have been spinning an idea about a "Haberdashery Happenstance" possibly early 2017.  Keep watching for details.  

So, today I have plans to mark inventory for my booths - however, I will save the haberdashery for my happenstance sale.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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