Monday, May 13, 2019

Motivational Monday - Set A Fire to It

"Let's just set a fire to it, my dad did that all the time."  So, we did and burned off the old weedy, dry garden.  Last year wasn't our best garden year!  It started out with our having the idea to plant the whole garden in sweet corn (45 rows or so!).  We used left over seed from the year before, that we put in the freezer.  That does work by the way.  However, it was a bad garden year, we only yielded a few dozen cobs.  It was too wet, then seed was stunted due to a late spring cold snap...then the deer got into it...just bad.  So, we lost interest and let it go to weeds.....that part was easy....teehee...but, it looked awful!  I was embarrassed.  

It is still wet here...too wet to even get the tractor out to drag off all the old stalks and weeds.  So, I suggested "let's just burn it."  It actually was a great idea, for the most part...eeek...I won't say....eeek....other than, we caught it before it turned bad.  For the most part, it stopped where the green field began.  We just had some red and toasty arms.....(yikes)....when we were done.  It was actually good, because there were too many weeds in those raised beds too.  I dreaded even cleaning them out.

I tell this story because, there is a motivational message in it.  "Let's just burn it" is a good mantra actually.  Why hold on to those dead, dry, weeds....emotional....hurts.  They look awful.  Yes, we may have lost interest in tending them, letting them take root, bloom and reseed may be embarrassed.  I know it may seem easier to mush it down and ignore it, but that is not helping you.  It's not to late....just burn them off.   Get rid of them, it's only hurting you.  Underneath is a new, much better version of you waiting to grow, bloom and produce.  Now, it will be hard to manage at times, but think about the weedy, dry and embarrassing don't want that again!  

Now, people may not notice the fire, your burned ashes...who know you did it.  You set fire to, see what remains under those ashes.  Maybe the fire even got away from you and you burned off things you weren't even planning to burn.  Take advantage of it.   Rekindle that, whatever it is that is still green, under those ashes - can and will be renewed again.   

I have had to set fire to my "weeds" many times in my life.  It is a good thing!  I hope you found something of value in this simple example to motivate you to "set a fire to it" and see what remains under your ashes.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  


  1. This is some good motivation for today and always!

  2. This is a great motivational Monday Jacky! So glad you were able to put the fire out before it got out of hand. I wish I could set my attic on fire. It needs weeding out. Janice

  3. Such a thought provoking post, thank you.

  4. Great post. Love your motivational Mondays - even if I am a bit late.

  5. Motivational even on late Wednesday evening. ;-). scares me more than most everything.... I can probably handle the figurative version though, if not the literal. One is always better off after some healthy matter how it is accomplished. ~Robin~