Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What is Your Ministry?

What is your "ministry?"

Ministry - it's not just for religious people.

We all have a ministry in our own little world - whether you realize it or not - you make an impact on those around you every day.  

If you forgot to fill your bird feeder - I'm sure the birds would miss that "ministry."  Ministry is that simple.  

With that said...I must tell you what a rewarding day I had yesterday.  

We have been meeting for a ladies bible study for over a year now.  My pastor asked my sister Lori and I to lead this ministry.  I don't know I am no great speaker, no intellect...honestly, Lori would say the same.  However, we said we would do it.  With that said, I just let the Lord lead me, give me an idea.  So, 2 weeks ago, I was thinking about buttons.  I chose to do an object lesson on "why we are like buttons."  I planned a button craft project to go along with the lesson.  I just shared my simple ideas; made common sense observations about the purpose of a button.  Well, yesterday I was so blessed by one of our ladies.  She said that last time, she wasn't going to come because her friend couldn't come, but, she felt she should go.  She came by herself.  She told me yesterday, that she has thought about that little lesson over and over and that she was so happy she chose to come - the message was just for her.  It was a confirmation to me, that even in my simplicity - our simplicity, God can use us.  

Then, after the bible study, I went over to a friend's home to do a little "art class" for her homeschooled children.  I can not tell you how much I enjoy this.  What makes it so special to me is the dynamics of her family.  She has 6 children.  They just seem to make each other better as a family.  One of the little boys started to make a comment about his younger brother...I said..."when Dicky Bird is here, we will only say possitive things"  without missing a beat that same little boy  said "let's play a game and go around the table and say something nice about each other"  I think he is 6?  I don't really know too many 6 year old BOYS that would come up with that game.  I was so blessed by all the nice things I heard and what they said about me!  From the mouth of babes - I was so tickled.  Then the littlest one was calling me "mama" - I told his mama that was OK if he did    

I came home and then had 4H.  What a fun night of painting on barn boards - who knew they would like that!  I heard several mamas say "we are so lucky to have Jacky as our leader" she comes up with the best projects.  

So, what's this I was feeling about an "empty nest??"  Maybe not knowing my "purpose?"  Well, guess what, my sharing my time and talents with others, even if it is as simple as crafting - is my ministry!   I have always stated, "I write this blog for me" please don't think this post is one that is bragging on myself - I actually hate that!  Rather, think on this post as a way for you to consider the simple things you do every day, each week, monthly and look for your ministry in it.  I know you have one - we all do!  

Thank you Jesus, for revealing mine to me in such an special way.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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