Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Motivational Monday - Acceptance

As we round the calendar to the last month of this year, I wanted to share a few things I've "worked" on in 2019.  As in the emotional and spiritual "work" and searching I did.  

As I comfortably enter menopause and my early 50's, I can tell you that I have have "changed" in more ways than just biologically.  The "change" is not something many women talk about.  However, I make them talk about it....I ask older women questions about "it" all the time.  I'm sure it makes some women anxious when I start my question style in a "21 guns salute" type of barrage.  I often get that...teehee....but, that is what makes me tick and at 53 I'm o.k. with that!

Just what makes Dicky Bird tick has been my quest this past year.  I have asked my siblings many questions about my childhood.  "Was I like this, or that?"  I need to understand some of my "issues" better.  Oh, we all have "issues" and many do stem from childhood!  I was blessed with a wonderful childhood, don't get me wrong!  However, I believe that some residual effects of my mom's childhood did affect me and sadly mine did effect my daughters as well.  

I don't need to go into all the details of my "issues" to help motivate us today.  For me, for you, it will come down to soul searching the "weak" part of you - or, at least that is where I started.  I know it might be hard to believe, hahaha, but there are some things about me, I don't like.  Instead of making excuses - I want to change in my "change"  - or at least understand these as something I can accept.  

Acceptance of our self with all our "ticks" is not easy.  If you happen to Google acceptance, you will get a long list of posts about "how to" or "10 steps to" this post is not like that.  First, because that is an over generalization of a very personal journey.  This post is very simple and hopefully will motivate you to start.  Only you can complete it.  

Let it go....(Elsa had it right!)....let it go.....  Let go and accept your current situation.  Well, maybe it's not that easy, but it is a good place to start.  That is where I started.  

I will share one with you as an example.  I tend to see many situations as a competition.  Why?  Well, I was born last in a family of 6, I was unpopular, often forgotten...so that is where it stemmed from.  Now, I'm working on letting it go.  I accept that I have this "tick" I can work on it when it rears it's ugly head.  Just yesterday, something happened that bothered me.  I told my girls about it and then said...."it's ok, this (thing) is not a competition" and "it" really isn't.  We all are good at things, some are better at them than others, but if we are happy with what we do, who cares....let it go.... let it go .... turn away and slam that door.  I'm telling ya....it works....in accepting my current situation.  

O.k. so, I hope something in this post motivates you to start your acceptance journey, because, we all are on one until we reach our final destination.  A work in progress.....

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  


  1. My life has always been a Competition...Everything I've ever done was Competition based...I've been in it to win it...Sometimes I did and some I didn't... It's all been good in it's own way...Woman Like Us Have "Grit" (Smile) (Wink-Wink) My friend...

  2. There is a lot of wisdom in this post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I believe every word.

  3. Great post Jacky. I may be slamming lots of doors soon. Janice

  4. Great post! I wish I could about menopause more easily. I will be 50 next year and am beginning to start (I think). It's driving me crazy. I asked my Mum about hers and she can't remember a lot about it. I feel like crying all the time.

    I know it's corny but that 'let it go' mantra is something I try to tell myself all the time. It doesn't always work but I try. I really have trouble with the self acceptance thing. Great post. It's certainly got me thinking!