Monday, July 13, 2020

Motivational Monday - "I'm Doin' It"

"I'm doin' it" yells my little grand from the bathroom as I went to get another pair of "big girl" panties.  "Look, Gab Bird!" "Yay!  You did it!" I said.  

Potty training is a process.  Cleaning a hoarded mess is a process.  Losing weight is a process.  Fill in the a process.  One thing that motivates us, true in many studies that have been done, is to speak positvity to ourselves and reward with praise.   

This potty training example and our telling her, "you can do it, good job, yay!" and of course, a treat (wink, wink - treats motivate me...) I've seen work these past few weeks.  

I caught myself saying "I'm doin' it!"  I haven't mentioned it, because I usually fail, but I've been doing Noom.  I'm down 15 pounds.  I wanted to get below this certain number for a decade and Saturday it happened.  "I'm doin' it!" I yelled to Al.  I've also been working pretty much daily on my "destashing" of my hoarded inventory and actually selling most of it.  I even dug out some "better" specialized items and sold them to a guy who will create really cool art with some of it, the rest he may ebay, but I don't care, "I'm doin' it!" I said to my daughters.  The compliments and praises really do motivate.

Don't get me wrong here, I am a positive person anyway, but truthfully I was at a VERY low place at the end of 2019 and then the Covid!  I just couldn't stay there, I had to move ahead.  I didn't know where to begin, I just put my faith in the process and took one step at a time, "I'm doin' it!"  Even when I didn't hear the praises, I said them to myself.  "You can do it!"  

So, I guess today, if you are sitting thinking, "where do I begin?" or "I can't even!" speak positivity to yourself.  "You can do it!" take one step at a time.  Just start....I know, I hated it when people would say that to me!...but, it is true.  I'm not saying it, I'm living it.  Start small, build a foundation to work from.  Keep building yourself up, one brick at a time.  If I can do this, especially from the low spot I was in, you CAN too!   I was ready to work on "me" and it's a process.....

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Friday, July 10, 2020

Farmhouse Friday - Sweatin' it Out

Good Farmhouse Friday Morning!

Want to know what is worst than this heat and humidity?  This heat and humidity and having hot flashes!  LOL but true!  This past week has been horrible for me with those!  I know I'm not the only woman to suffer...but, I'm hot like an oven!  Then multiply that on to, July is my month to "DeStash" my "stash".... so, think of that in a metal pole building....ya, I was baking!  So, I was happy to dance in the rain when a storm rolled in.  I sent a video to my little "grand" she like it when I do silly things...which is pretty much all the time!  LOL

It was windy!  

I have to thank my friend Michelle for encouraging me to do LIVE on facebook.  Like I said, I have a Wisconsin accent,  "old" sounding voice, I say stupid things, cough all the time and did tell you, the roosters follow me...ya, in the middle of my LIVE "DeStash Dash" sales....crowing!  Help.  I'm such a professional....ahahah!  This is what I've been doing, making up box lots $3, $5, $10 kind of thing.  I have to tell you, people must not care about all that I just said, because I have been selling and I like doing it this way!

I have a "thing" for old paper.  I have boxes of it.  So I started with a few tubs of these.  $3 a pile.  I didn't know if any one would "get this" but, I only had to recyle 2 lots.  I did not let myself bring them back into a building.  I stage the LIVE under the barn lean.  My goal is, if it gets out there, it can NOT come back to either of my buildings (15'x60' and 54'x60')...ya, I'd love to do my LIVE in one of those, but unfortunately, I hardly can open the doors.  This is why the "DeStash Dash."  

The flowers have been so fragrant this week in the heat.  The air is heavy with it.  My favorite flower smell is milkweed - it's intoxicating!  I know it's a weed, but I don't let Al cut them down, the Monarch need them.  

These are from my mom's garden, which orginally came from my sister Bonnie's garden from 1970's when she lived out here in Ringle.  I call them Mallow, but not sure of their true name.

This heat has caused my herbs to "bolt" I did harvest some mint, clover, oregeno and bundled to dry.  I have so much, that I put some in the chicken coop.  They nibbled on it, but I think it's helping coop not so be so stinky and there aren't too many flies in there?  Maybe I'm on to something...

That is bee balm, I love it.  Oh, and speaking of bees, our honey guy (he is a honey too!) added at least a dozen more boxes to our frames this week.  The honey bees have been busy.  Our white clover is prolific and should make for some sweet honey!

I've been trying to bring in a bouquet of field and yard flowers each week.  It just makes me happy.

I can't tell you how many steps I've been getting in.  Thousands over an average day.  However, I did fill my van with items that did not sell and drove them to our "scrap and burn" piles.  However, this picture sums up my week...."my arse is draggin'."  

This weekend we will be helping Jon and Anna butcher chickens.  Well, there really is no "we" in it...I'm more the supervisor...ahahha!  I don't like to kill things.  I hope you all have fun plans for the weekend.  

Blessing from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Chicken Games

I have no idea why the chickens - especially the roosters - love to hop in and scratch around in this wash tub/planter!

This picture shows exactly what they do.  The little black rooster just hopped out, the tan one just hopped in and the other fuzzy black rooster is waiting in line for his turn.  It's crazy!

Now it's his turn.  This wash tub has a plant I bought from the DCE dance team fund raiser.  It was a beautiful pink, wave petunia.

Now it looks like this....

They scratched off every single leaf and flower.  It puzzles me why they did this, this year.  I don't usually put petunias in these, maybe it was that.  I don't know, but this year all my chicken have been destructive.  They have pecked and scratched nearly every thing I've planted.  The hens even dug up my seeds in the garden.  I've replanted some things 2 times.  I like them to free range, because they do eat their weight in bugs and ticks.  Oh well, I'll plant some lettuce, spinach and peas again, when it gets cooler.

I will try mums in these in the fall.  For now, I'm leaving it alone and now, apparently so are the roosters!  Thanks boys!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Monday, July 6, 2020

Motivational Monday - Realism

Disclaimer, this post may not be for all.  If your core believes are not found in scripture, then you may not want to read this one.  Thanks for checking in and maybe the next post will be one of interest to you.  

Realism is:  the quality or fact of presenting a person, thing or situation accurately or in a way that is true to life.  

At our Thursday night Bible study, our pastor said something that I want to make a Motivational Monday post about.  He asked the question, are you a pessimist or an optimist?  As he went on with the study, he talked about being a realist.  That right there was where this motivational post comes from.

It had my thinking, is your "realism in the WORLD" or is your "realism in the WORD?"  

Another piece of "fake news" spoon fed us as children is this one:  "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me."  Names will never harm me?  Names ALWAYS harm us.  What people say of us is more powerful than what we say about ourselves.  If this is not true of you, read no don't need motivating.  Good for you!  

For me, many issues of my self-worth, unfortunately have roots in the world.  The media, celebrities, trends and seemingly never ending barrage of "what a woman should, (fill in the blank).   It was easier to think of the ways in which I failed in comparision to all that.  In fact, starting in June, I've done waaaayyyy less looking at others on social media and I'm much happier!

I actually have problems with "compare" or so my therapist told me.  It ruffled my feathers, so I asked her..."you don't stuggle with this?" (blank stare...more feathers ruffled...) then I added, "well, I think most women do."  To which she says, "but they don't have to."  Honestly, just typing this still ruffles my feathers - that's why I know it's a area of my life I need to work on.  I guess I should make another appointment.  Anyway, I've asked other women, given examples, "hey, if this happened would you feel this way or that way?"  All I will say is that I'm not alone!  

The "world" has one view of the perfect (yet again, fill in the blank) and guess what?  God has another.  As I have been thinking on this post, that right there "God has another" why, oh why, Dicky Bird do you not think to look in His WORD first.   Shame on you.  Get your realism out of the world and into the word.  

So, this Motivational Monday, I challenge you to dig into His Word and find your realism there.  Do a search on "what does scriptrue say you are?"  I could list scripture after scripture on most any area where I feel weak or inadequate.  Doing just that these past few days, really has made me feel so much better about me, what is expected of me, and it's making me want to be a better version of me.  Dicky Bird 54.0....I've revised myself so many times to fit what I thought I should be or this version Dicky Bird 54.0....working on my Realism in the Word.  


Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Friday, July 3, 2020

Farmhouse Friday - Independence Day

It's Farmhouse Friday....where did the week go?

The ConJUNKtion FUNKtion was a huge hit.  Even with social distancing, safer at home, we had a nice crowd.  There was a family feel to the whole day.  The customers who came, were very complimentary to both the event and Anna's food.  Her food was a hit!  I can't wait to see her plans for Stone Silo Farm and Bakery.  

Al was on vacation this week.  This has traditionally been our haying week, not this year, maybe in 2 weeks.  He replanted over half of the pasture last year, it's not doing as well as we hoped.  We are going to bale the other half and let the new stuff lay.  Hopefully self seeding to fill in the light spots.  Our neighbor is borrowing our hay wagons this week.  His grandson's do his field work now...we were tempted to "hire" them too (wink, wink).

We planted half of our garden this year in potatoes.  We have over 75 different varieties of plants that came up.  We've been picking the bugs by hand...yuk...they are ugly.  We gave up on the sweet corn...the deer and racoons....decimate it.   One of the problems of gardening near the woods.  This year, the deer walk through, but not one nibble on the potato plants.  My sunflowers, that's another story.  Yes, we've put up fences EVERY year...we deiced to give ourselves a break from that this year.  I'll buy the sweet corn from the "neighbor kids."

This is my summer to reduce inventory.  I am doing LIVE videos on Tuesday nights at 6 pm on Facebook.  July is "DeStash Dash" - it is like a dash too - it's been selling fast.  I had 48 lots this past Tuesday and sold 40 and divided 2 other lots.  I don't know if people understand how much inventory I have, I NEED to DeStash for sure!  After a day, I box/bag up each lot for the customer.  I was so pleased with the results!  Here are the SOLD lots lined up for pick up.  

As far as my business work this summer, I met with 2 new clients this week.  These will probably turn into virtural estate sales in the near future.   Just like the other 2 we did, before all the Covid 19.  

This weekend, July 4, Americans celebrate "independence day."  I'm thinking, in my 54 years, I've not seen our country more "dependent" than we are at this moment in time.  I see what is happening as signs, yep signs....this old world, not just us here in America...the crazy.  I am more "dependent" on Jesus as each day goes on.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  


Friday, June 26, 2020

Farmhouse Friday - ConJUNKtion FUNKtion

Another Friday and the last of my month of sales in June.  I'm working on my July know I have them.  

Tomorrow, I'm hosting a ConJUNKtion FUNKtion here at our farm.  Back in January when I thought of this, there was no Covid 19 rules.  So, I have had to scale back considerably, but it is what it is.

I invited a few friends to join me.  It is supposed to storm up a storm today, but tomorrow be nice!  So, yay to that!  Our daughter, Anna, will be coming up to do the food.  Her and Jon are on their way with their hobby farm dreams.  The farm they bought had a commercial kitchen in a "summer kitchen" setting building.  Stainless steel, ovens, stoves, proofing oven,'s amazing.  She had plans and God really delivered!   Her business name is "Stone Silo Bakery" (and come...).   Both our daughters have an entrepreneurial spirit. (wink,wink).  Justine began her journey too with Wholehearted Herd Counseling, LLC -  We couldn't be more proud of both!

O.k. on with what is going on tomorrow.  First, I'm still digging.  I can either keep digging or stop and mark stuff, I can't do both.  So, I decided to keep digging.  My items will be a "bundle'm up for one price" kinda thing.  Here are a few pictures.  

Something tells me I should know that lady in the picture, I had it in a box with other "keeping" things at one time, because when I opened that box I remembered the stuff in it...just not her.  So, I hope she makes a connection with someone.  If she doesn't sell, she may be the next character in my story themed sales.  We will see...

Anna's, Stone Silo Bakery, menu:

So, today, on this Farmhouse Friday, I will be cleaning a path in the upstairs bedrooms, (ya, I never finished that during, me Lord) so Anna can find a bed to sleep in.   Outside, I will be cleaning up around the chicken coop, outhouse, I have a feeling people will look in them and use the  I will keep digging in between the rain.  

If you decide to come tomorrow, there will be some parking in the yard, but mostly on the road, especially if it gets really wet today.  Ringle is known for it's clay soil..our claim to fame...Ringle Bricks.  We had a brick yard here 100 years ago.  

Here's to a productive day and as always....
Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Friday, June 19, 2020

Farm House Friday - Week 3 VIRTUAL Sale

What was going on at the farm house?  Well, I'm still working on the story of Evelyn & William and the VIRTUAL pop up sales.  This is the final one for June.  It has been rewarding and fun.

This week I had some chicks hatch and mama hens fighting over them.  In the evening one will be with them and in the morning another.  Today, however, they both did gang up on me and jump in my face, geez, I was only trying to help

Weeding and replanting (chickens!) in my garden.  The chickens have been so destructive this year.  I hardly have a potted plant left.  They dug and tore up almost everything.  I do not know the fascination with this one planter I have, but they line up to hop in and scratch around like a ride at the amusement park.  Unreal!!  This was supposed to be my "garden" year...nope.

So, this week the virtual sale will be "Farmer's Wife."  Here is the sneak peek of the vignettes.

I will only be listing under the event.  If you want to follow along here is the link:  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.