Friday, July 5, 2024

Farmhouse Friday Week 27


A few pictures of my week.  Al is on vacation, we usually cut hay this week, but we are still too wet to even drive on the field.  We have had a record amount of rainfall.  He did buy another hay wagon.  

I set up at the Elkhorn Flea Market.  I slept in my van...even.  I did really good!  I am going back to the last one of the season in September.  

We went to the Antigo 4th of July Parade.  They gave out such fun things; lots of candy, rolls of toilet paper (septic company), chocolate milk, string cheese (family farm), coupons and bouncy balloons from Fleet Farm (Al liked the coupons), tshirts and can cozies from various politicians, decks of cards from a local builder and other things.  Just a fun parade!  

My friend, Renee, is at the National Junior Angus show for a few days.  It is in Wisconsin this year.   Al and I are doing their chores while they are gone.  I think this marks year 20 of our family being involved in that.  Her dog Doc is such a cutie!  

We signed a contract for a small estate sale in Antigo.  We already sold a retro patio set.  The house sold without even hitting the market, so we only have a few days to sell it all.  We will post the other furniture on our group this weekend.  We are also picking up another load from an on going estate we've been selling for since last October.  AFTER this....I'm taking a break to work on my own stuff....I know I've said it before, but I have to do it before the snow falls.  

I've been thinking about something.  My friend's mother passed this week.  She went around her mom's garden and shared a video of her flowers.  It had my thinking about what do we leave behind that will "last" after we pass.  I'm thinking more temporal not eternal things.  Like, I had another tribal member come up to me and tell me "I think of your dad every time I look at the apple tree he planted in honor of my dad."  These types of things.  Do you know of any thing your parents did or something you may have done or plan to do that will out live you?  I'm going to challenge myself to do more things like that.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Friday, June 28, 2024

Farmhouse Friday Week 26's been a bit since I checked in.

I read a few comments of people wanting to know how I was or if something was wrong.  So, I thought I would write something.  

I guess, I'm o.k.   The neurologist says I'm a "medical mystery" and we are just going to keep checking on me every 6 months.  I continue with my exercises, strength building and trying to lose weight.  My life's story....  I did get a handicap parking pass - so I guess I qualify - not sure if that is good or bad.  It is helpful, that's what it is.  

My spring and early summer have been filled with family events, 2 weddings, Ezra birthday, surprise 30th birthday party for Anna, 50th Anniversary Meet & Greet for Little House on the Prairie (Pepin, WI), teaching art class at Lauren's school, tribal elder trip to Milwaukee, tribal elder class on gardening, flea market in Elkhorn (another this weekend too), trying to garden (too wet), remodeling the front porch, doing 3 pop up sales, an estate sale (I ended up with allergy induced pnemonia), Wednesday babysitting, exercise class, 4H day camp, ladies Bible studies, town meetings fighting the landfill, butchering chickens (I watched Ezra), oh and I don't remember...just life.  That about sums up since the last post.

At our tribal elder trip, I was able to meet Jordan Love, Green Bay Packer quarterback

I'll end with that....

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Monday, April 1, 2024

Simple Easter Joys

 He has Risen from the dead and he is Lord of All.

That is the joy of Easter.  

Over all the years I've dated and been married to Al, his mom has hosted Easter.  Besides hiding eggs, the large golden egg, making rabbit sugar cookies, roasted asparagus (when available), she always fills a different jar with jelly beans and we need to guess how many in the jar.  I finally won this year!  Well, Anna and I tied, so we both won.  

I wasn't going to color eggs, but I felt nostalgic.  When I was young, my dad always colored eggs with different "food" related things.  I remember saying "can't we just buy those tablets like everyone else?"  We did do that too, but some years my dad did this.  We had a beautiful handmade basket my great grandpa Ritchie made.  It had a dark patina and all the curly pieces of black ash that he shaved and wove into a family heirloom.  My eldest brother has it now.  Anyway, every Easter, this heirloom basket was filled with beautiful eggs.  So, I did this.

This is what my dad used the most, red onion skins.  He also did yellow onion ones.  I only had red.  

This one is turmeric.  Made a wonderful deep yellow.  I also did parsley, green onion tops, basil (some not so fresh herbs) that made a very light green/grey.  I did some dried cherries that made a lighter red color.  I know red cabbage makes things blue.  My dad did use cabbage.  I wish I would have had some.  How you do this is add water to a pan, your "food" related item and some vinegar (it helps color stick to shells) and boil eggs right in the pan.  After like 6 minutes or so in boiling "dye" water, take off the heat, let the eggs sit in the colored water for like 20 minutes.  The longer the darker the color.   Anyway, I dyed a dozen eggs and this made me so's really the little things.

We had wonderful family time at my MIL house.  We each brought a dish or 2 to pass.  I didn't get permission to share photos of my grands, but they were cute as ever!  

This morning, April 1, I did get Al with an "April Fools" I was happy he forgot what day it was.  I will be on the "alert" for a return of that .... ahahaa

April already - this month will be very busy with birthdays, wedding anniversary and a wedding.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Farmhouse Fridays - Weeks 12-13

 Good Morning (it's Saturday) I'm playing "catch up" - even though I do try to "keep up."  

Well, here at my farmhouse this morning, I am listening to an audio book by Mitch Albom "The Little Liar."  We started yesterday on our car ride up to the UP.  I'm trying to type here in tears - such a good book!   It's a story of 4 individuals who all have a shared bond during the terrible evacuation of 50,000 Jewish residents from Greece.   It's fiction, but one can see how this could have taken place during the Holicaust.

So, what have I been up to?  Well, getting ready for and doing the antique show last weekend.  Teaching some of my youngest 4H kids how to cook from scratch.  Went up to the UP to Pelkie, MI to look at the Sauna Guys production of barrel saunas.  We are ordering one.  Took in some mindful moments on the shores of Lake Superior.  Went to the neuroscience department for a 3 month progress appointment.  Other tests and visits to come.  Spent time reflecting on the meaning of this weekend - Easter.

We made roasted tomato and creamy potato soup, biscuits and scones all from scratch.  The kids did it all.  They also tasted it all.  Found out that maybe they do like soup.  ahaha

Oh and Robin asked about the cupcakes I made.

Not much else going on....Happy Easter

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Farmhouse Friday Week 11 - Signs of Spring

 Good Friday Morning!

Well, we sure have had spring like weather this past week!  I was coming out of the barn the other morning and heard a Robin.  I've seen a few already.  The "cheep/chirp" of a Robin just makes me smile.  My bird feeder has welcomed many returning favorites this past week. 

When you think mountain, you may not think central Wisconsin.  However, we do have a "mountain" one that qualifies at least.  Rib Mountain is located in Marathon County in Wausau.  I've spent my whole life in Marathon County, looking at Rib Mountain.  For our state, Rib Mountain is a destination for skiers.  I took a ride up the mountain the other day, while is was still's a state park.  There were people skiing.  It was over 60 degrees.  

I've never went downhill skiing.  Growing up in a large family, activities were limited to what we could afford.  Skiing at Rib Mountain, nope.  I remember one time I tried to ski our wood pile, yes, stupid kid mistake.  My pole got stuck between two logs.  When I fell, my neck landed on the stuck pole and left a huge bruise.  I was in like 5th grade.  My elementary school secretary, thought I had a hickey and was called to the office.  Oh, how times have changed....  This same secretary, called my friend Michelle to the office and accused her of wearing blush/makeup.  Michelle just had rosie cheeks....oh the memories.  

There was a snowboarder resting at the top.  I asked him if it was a lot of fun.  He said "yes, you should try it."  I said, "I can hardly walk much less do that, my skiing days are over."  

The view of Wausau and surrounding areas.  

I was only up there because I had an hour to wait for Lauren's school to finish.  I was the guest art teacher that afternoon.  My "take away" (from my previous post) was, to remind myself to enjoy doing something spontaneous once in awhile.

Students from the art class - needle felting of course!  

The spring flowers are coming up.

I forgot to show you my window swag for St. Patrick's Day.

I am having fun making seasonal themed things for the branch.  I hope to keep it up until next Christmas, when I will replace with a fresh one.  

Justine, Josh and Lauren are coming for a load of hay later today, I plan to make a treat for Lauren that is St. Patty day themed.  After Sunday, I will take this down and make it Easter.

Are you doing anything for St. Patty's Day?

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.